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Are You Sick And Tired Of Owning A Business, Working Harder Then Any Of Your Team, Taking All The Risk And At The End Of The Day Having Little To Show For It?

Business coaching now offers a solution to business owners to help them increase their cash flow, make a massive profit and to have more time to have the freedom to do the things they really love.

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"I coach the owners of privately held, family owned businesses and I help them grow their profits by at least 68% or more and build teams to run the business for them so they can get some time back for themselves."

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“What I like most about Martin and Andreas’ Business Coaching Program is that they are dedicated to my success. We brainstorm and they teach me valuable business concepts, which I now use in my business and also in my personal life. They also have a great network and an ability to bring people together. Some of the specific benefits I’ve got include that I now have plans and I am held accountable. We also identify outcomes that could be possible that I thought never would be possible, or have never thought of them. I recommend their service because they come up with ideas and strategies that you would never think of on your own, then help you implement them.” Grant Midgley, Director Chamlang Ltd.

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A Business Strategy Session with Master Coach Andreas Becker is the first step to get your business in the right direction. You will get information that you can implement in your business right away. You can then also find out what services are available to help you in your business.

Some Of The Services We Offer

Business Networking
New MembersIf you are interested in networking, you can come to one of my Business Networking groups as our guest.[...]
Business Coaching
Is Business Coaching For You?You want better cashflow, to have some money in the bank and sleep better at night[...]
“Over the past couple of years, both Anna and I have been accessing the talent of a couple of awesome business coaches who specialise in coaching business owners with a focus on those in the building industry. We have found them to be of huge benefit in both our personal and business relationship development. Martin Jimmink and Andreas Becker are their names. Trust me, these guys are worth talking to and this could be a good opportunity for you.” NIGEL SMITH Director Jennian Homes Canterbury (2012) Ltd

Use Scarcity to Sell
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Goals Don’t Work – Habits Do
Find out why goals on their own don't work. Developing habits is the only way for you to achieve any long-term success. Watch this video to find out how it can work for you.
5 Reasons Why You’re Not Closing Profitable Sales And What To Do About It
Get my FREE Report "5 Reasons Why You’re Not Closing Profitable Sales And What To Do About It"
How to use Drip Campaigns for your marketing
Do you want marketing that runs on auto-pilot? Find out how you can deliver drip-campaigns and more then double your conversion rate.
How to use Special Reports for your business
Do you want to be known as an expert in your field. Find out how you can generate qualified leads on autopilot.
Create Quotes That Convert Like Magic
Do you send out quotations? If you do, you probably not converting many into actual sales and your margins are to low. find out how to fix that once and for all.
Using Thank You Cards
Make yourself super referable by using thank you cards. The cost low and the effort is minor and the results are big.
How To Get Persuasive Testimonials
Getting and using persuasive testimonials is a great strategy for any business. Find out how you can do this really easy for your business.
Get Paid Right Away and Improve Your Cashfow
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Do Something Unexpected & Get Great Testimonials
Getting positive testimonials can be one of the most beneficial strategies for your business. And it's fun to. Find out how you can do this for your business here.