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When you have completed the renovation or building project, you can do a couple of things most builders don’t do very well. They get the house or room professionally cleaned including the windows. Clients absolutely love this and always comment how delighted they are about that.

This strategy will only cost a few hundred dollars, which is a small amount in comparison to size of the project, and the rewards over time are huge. Question: How much is a hot referral worth to your businesses? When you know this figure, you will see how beneficial this strategy can be for you.

The builder then has a meeting with the client where they agree that the job is complete and the client signs off. The builder has a payment app on his iPad and the client pays right there and then. This is the best time to get payment because the client is happy. It is also great for cash-flow and the money is dealt with and quickly forgotten. (This strategy alone is worth a lot of money and time to any builder.)

(20 of 67)Here is the simple answer…

Your business can get referral and repeat business easily, quickly and affordably.

The answer lies in getting someone to have a look at your business from the outside and develop a step-by-step referral and repeat plan for your business.

I have put together a very special profit booster consultation for business owners where I show them 3 new ways to increase their profit by at least 50% over the next 12 months without working any harder then they are right now.

If this is of interest, please contact Andreas Becker on (03) 741 1613 or Email to book your free 20 minute profit booster consultation.

PS: This is only applicable for businesses who have been in business for more than 2 years