Andreas Becker

Business Transformation Specialist, Andreas Becker, helps winning business owners to build passion for their work, maximise profits and create the life of their dreams.

Andreas teaches clients to:

  • Do only the things they are really good at and love doing
  • Create passive income for their future
  • Become financially free
  • Create clear goals and a simple action plan
  • Have more fun!

Andreas has coached 117+ businesses in New Zealand and abroad. His hands-on entrepreneurial experience includes being an active property investor as well as buying, building and selling a number of successful businesses.

Trained with a leading business coaching organisation, Andreas has consistently achieved top 10% performance.

Andreas is a very clever Businessman, Marketer and Entrepreneur who helped me see the big picture and has also connected me with some key referrals – top Professionals and Technical people; who have added tremendous value to my Business over our 5 year relationship. I have no hesitation in endorsing Andreas as a Coach and Adviser and recommend that you secure his services promptly so that you too experience the turnaround in your Business, your finances and your thinking – that I have been so richly rewarded with!”
Zane Swanston , Zealand Tattoo

He also holds the following qualifications:

  • Diploma in Electrical Engineering
  • Registered Business Mentor with Business Mentors New Zealand
  • Certified Professional Internet Marketer
  • NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming) Practitioner

Andreas and his family have lived in Christchurch, New Zealand, for over 25 years and they are proud New Zealanders.

“I would recommend Andreas’ services because every business must remain profitable and he just seems to know what makes a business profitable and successful. His business experience and “nous” is second to none.
He helped me think like a business owner and that helped me to improve and build my business to the point that I do not need to be there all the time. The business can now run very well without me and every business owner needs to get their business to run without him.
I would recommend the services of Andreas’ business coaching because he focuses on the important issues to grow the business and the implementation of strategies which will achieve our goals. He helps us measure our process towards the vision.”
John Parlane, Director
Printers Inc