Be-Do-Have & Business Coaching

Be-Do-Have As Used In Business Coaching

Hi, Andreas here from Big Cheese Business Coaching. Today, I am going to share a very important concept with you. It is called the Be, Do, Have. Okay, it starts with, let’s look at the Have. We all want to have different things in life and we also have what we have right now, so that is something that we can look at. Let’s look at one concept here and that is, let’s say the money. It is an easy to understand and a good one to one to start because we all understand what we have currently with money, and we might not be happy with the situation, and then we go back, and the easy one to look at is the do. So now I am looking at the do. What am I doing to, that determines what I am having right now. Let’s say now I don’t actually have any assets and I can then quickly see that what I am doing is that I am spending my money rather than investing my money.

All right, so this is the spend. I might be spending that on a boat, I might be spending that on lovely cars, going out often, and I might also be doing things such as not putting any money aside. And so at the end of the month, at the end of any period, all the money is gone and my situation that I have here is pretty oblique because there are no assets, no investments really. And now I might put aside that I actually want to have some assets here. So what that might that be? So this could for example be things such as some property, some business, it could be some shares that I own in other companies, so these are all the top of assets that I can be having. In order for me to have them, I have to probably do things a little bit differently.

The challenge is this is quite difficult because you know I am the person that I am. I am a spender so therefore I am spending and it is difficult for me to get here, so this where this comes in. I now have to look at who am I being. So here, up here, it is easy because I can say, okay I am a, just looking realistically at what happens, so I am rather a spender than a saver. And here, if I want to change that, I now have to go back here and that is the beauty because it is actually quite easy. All I need to do is like saying, “Okay. What do I need to do?” so I need to obviously…

Maybe one of the simple things that I need to do is I need to invest and save. So that would be one thing, save some money and I also need to invest some money. Okay. So for me to do that, I have to be a different person, different kind of being and the being that I need to be is an investor. So as soon as I know that, that will probably, it gives me a good chance of doing that because I am not going to do that unless I am an investor because there is a spender here, unlikely that I am going to invest, right? And as an investor now I’ve got some clues to you. So what do I need to do to become an investor? I probably need to a little bit on what investors do. I might actually mix with or surround myself with such people.

So I spend a… You know surround myself with, or join an investor’s club. They are exactly such things. I might read some books, right. I might listen to some CDs about investors, it is easy, or DVDs, you can get many, or Youtube videos, anything like that, anything on investor. All of a sudden, I upscale myself and the chances are then I will learn and also get sort of into my unconscious mind, the idea that I am an investor and start looking at ways of saving money and investing money and that in turn will help me have those things.

Be Do HaveSo the formula actually goes like this Be x Do = Have.

So you can here if I just focus on that area here and let’s say now I am a zero investor here. In my mind yes I think I am going to do all those great things. I might put myself into 10 here. The chances are zero times 10 gives me zero and I will never reach it so I need to really, really focus in that so the area one more type here this is also you see to be something I have to decide that I am an investor, so the “I am” is very important. So from that I can make an “I am” statement, so I can say “I am an investor,” and if I just keep saying that to myself often enough, I start believing that and then in turn my unconscious will help me to do these kind of things because there is always the conscious mind and the unconscious mind.

And the unconscious mind is really the thing that drives me towards doing the right things, and to do that, I can program myself. So this probably takes… You know that can take maybe up to 30 days of reprogramming myself instead of that, doing that, I am an investor. I also need to change my surrounding. If I keep wasting my time with other spenders, guess what? I am going to do this and I am going to have no money left at the end of any given period, so there you have it.

This principle applies for virtually anything that you want to have. This could be things such as you know you could have obviously money as one as. As we know money is not everything yet, it is a very important starting point. It could be things such as relationships. Again, I might be saying, “What am I doing here to have the relationships that I am having right now?” and then I need to perhaps change my being.

And now I will give you a little personal example here. I wanted to have a really great relationship with my children because I see other people are not having such great relationships and I didn’t want to go down that track. So I look at what I was doing and I probably found that I didn’t spend enough quality time with my children. And you know they were their things and I was doing my thing, and then one of the simple little things that I did, I decided I am going to be a better father.

So once I did that I thought, “Okay. What are some of the things that I can do as a really great father and then to spend more quality time with my children.” and so what I did is put it in my calendar that I am going to spend at least an hour or what ever it takes on a date with each of my children, so on a one on one. The things that we do, we go for walk, and they can chose the type of things, and if they don’t, sometimes I chose them too. And we go to movies, or have dinner, or just spend quality time together, and go for a walk on the beach, or anything like that, and the kids really like that, and it is great for me. We all love it.

And that really came about me making a decision here. I am a great father and I am going to do, spend quality time with my kids, and then the relationship comes by itself. I didn’t need to really focus on this area. All I needed to focus on is this area. So there you have it. Have fun with this and try it out by yourself.

Make a list of “I am” statements and think of which other really important things you should. Maybe have five or no more than 10 “I am” things that you want to focus on, and you can write them down or put them on your shower, on the outside of your shower, or on your desk, part of your car, on your wallet, so that you can look at that and keep saying them out and loud. At first, it sounds a little bit sort of geeky, but hey that’s always with things that we start for the first time. Once you have done it and you feel the power of it, you will look back and see how amazingly powerful this concept is. I wish you all the best and great luck.

Hope You Enjoyed This – Andreas from Big Cheese Business Coaching