What is Direct Marketing

Direct Marketing is when you market directly to a specific group of prospects. For any business and particularly for small and medium business this is one of the most effective ways to market. You don’t do a shot gun approach where you waste a lot of money with people who are unlikely to buy from you.

[content_box_yellow width=”75%”]What you need to do is to spend your marketing dollar with the person most likely to buy from you.[/content_box_yellow]

This way you can have very effective marketing where you can spend a significant amount of money with someone who is likely to buy.

Say you advertise in the newspaper and this might cost you $500. If you have 5000 people reading the paper, then you are effectively spending 10c per person. There are 2 problems with this marketing.

1. A 10c marketing piece is not going to be very effective, isn’t it!

2. 99% of the people reading the paper might not be interested in the least in what you have to offer.

direct marketingIn direct marketing you take the same $500 but you pin point target a small group – say 50 people. You now have $10 to market to each of the 50 prospects. Do you think this could be effective? You bet it is.
There are 2 major benefits with this method.

1. It is very effective. For $10 you can get a prospects attention.

2. Hardly anyone else does it. This way you will really stand out and get more attention.

What does direct marketing look like?

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  • a Direct Mail letter with attention grabber. This might be a letter with something that very interesting or a box with a letter and some attention grabber.
  • a follow up letter / card
  • a follow up phone script
  • a letter to go with the free sample pack
  • a follow up script after the sample pack has been sent

If you do direct marketing you will have more fun and make a lot more profit. I can assure you of this.