Do Something Unexpected & Get Great Testimonials

Gift Basket for Builders

When you have completed a project, the client is happy and has signed the job off, send a gift box by courier within 24 hours and a thank you card to your client. This box contains all sorts of yummy stuff you can’t buy at a supermarket. The cost is about $100.

At the same time send a questionnaire to the client by post. This questionnaire asks the client for feedback and also reminds her of the things that were done that are not the norm.

For example ask: “Did we leave your house clean and tidy”? “Would you recommend us to your friends”? Then ask for permission to use the replies for our marketing purposes and they always say “yes”. As you can imagine the feedback is typically extremely positive and if there are areas that need attention the builder can address it right away and get even more bonus points for being pro-active.

Include a self-addressed envelope to make it really easy for the client to send the questionnaire back. Once the questionnaire is received, send a quick thank you card with a couple of movie tickets to the clients. Also include 2 fridge magnets and ask them to give them to a couple of friends who might need a builder sometime in the future.

The chances of anyone making a recommendation goes up hugely if the referrer has made a positive written comment about your business. This method may seem quite complicated, but once you have done it a few times and have systemised it, it is easy, works like clockwork to get you more referral business and is very low cost compared to any other marketing.

(20 of 67)Here is the simple answer…

Your business can get referral and repeat business easily, quickly and affordably.

The answer lies in getting someone to have a look at your business from the outside and develop a step-by-step referral and repeat plan for your business.

I have put together a very special profit booster consultation for business owners where I show them 3 new ways to increase their profit by at least 50% over the next 12 months without working any harder then they are right now.

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PS: This is only applicable for businesses who have been in business for more than 2 years