Find Your Niche and Dominate

Just about every business grows and expands and for some strange reason the profits do not go up at the same level as the business grows. Have you experienced this? Then you need to read this.

Here is what happens…

Business Coach ChristchurchAs you grow you add new products and services to your business. After all you are a business person, an opportunity finder and an entrepreneur.  Right?

The problem with is that you diversify more and more, you have to get more specialized gear, hire more people to look after all these divisions. The result of this is that you are not a specialist in anything. You probably can’t say that you are the BEST at anything.

And this is the problem. Any competitor that focuses on only one thing and becomes the best will eat your lunch. It will be real easy for them to find the best clients, hire the best people and get the highest price for their products or services.