Formula for Change

This formula can be most helpful if you want to move ahead and you feel that you are running into a brick wall.

When things don’t happen it is usually one or more of these factors in the formula for change that hold you back.

Here are some things that you can do:

1. Dissatisfaction – take a good hard look and decide if you are really happy with your current situation. Maybe you are in denial and have come to accept things as they are. The greater your dissatisfaction, the better the chance that you will actually don something about it.

2. Vision – build a vision of what your future can look like. Build a dream board and start sharing your dreams with people around you. this way you can inspire yourself. The clearer your future picture is and the more you can see yourself in this picture the more likely that one day you will achieve this vision. Your unconscious mind will work on this every minute even when you sleep – all you have to do it to program it.

3. First steps – get of your bum and take some action. If you want to own a new home, go and look at a lot of houses. If you want a new job, go and apply for new job and write your great new CV. Without any action nothing is bound to happen.

4. Resistance – we all have a resistance to change. Write down why you might have a resistance to change and be honest with yourself. Just doing that will reduce your resistance for change.


“How you can get a break through and achieve more”



I am not happy with my team

Our team performance is poor

Clients are complaining regularly

The team is not happy

Can’t attract good people

I am not happy at work

[/ez_four] [ez_four]


Great Team

Awesome client feedback

Easy to attract new top players

I love working with my team

I am proud of my team

[/ez_four] [ez_four]

First Steps

Spend more time selecting the right people

Hire a coach to help me

Spend more time with my team

Get rid of the poor performers

[/ez_four] [ez_four_last]


Don’t rock the boat

People will leave in droves

I hav’nt got the energy

Not sure where to start