Trendsetter LogoAs a result of our team doing a team building and goal setting workshop with Andreas we have a much better picture and clarity of our business goals and the team is on board to achieving them.
The workshop helped the staff understand the benefits of team work and that pooling everyone’s ideas allowed for better and quicker results. The staff all came away with a better understanding of how the company works and what its goals are.
I would recommend his team building workshop because it has helped us to build a stronger team who now take more ownership. And every business is only as good as the people who work in it.”
Tony Andersen , Director, Trendsetter Homes

“A benefit of our team doing a team building and goal setting workshop with Andreas was having an outside perspective because Andreas helped us see the big picture and it challenged us all to aim higher than we could ever have done by ourselves.
Another benefit was the clarity for me personally to direct a large proportion of time to work on the business and implement strategies to achieve our major goals.
I would recommend his services because every business must remain profitable and he just seems to know what makes a business profitable and successful. His business experience and “nous” is second to none.
He helped me think like a business owner and that helped me to improve and build my business to the point that I do not need to be there all the time. The business can now run very well without me and every business owner needs to get their business to run without him.
I would recommend the services of Andreas’ business coaching because he focuses on the important issues to grow the business and the implementation of strategies which will achieve our goals. He helps us measure our process towards the vision.”

John Parlane, Director
Printers Inc

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A big benefit of working with Andreas is that we now have a structured marketing and sales template. I really like that I can talk frankly about my business and receive straight, honest and helpful advice.
Chris Sweeney, Director

Pioneer Pool and Building

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“What I like most about Martin and Andreas’ Business Coaching Program is that they are dedicated to my success. We brainstorm and they teach me valuable business concepts, which I now use in my business and also in my personal life. They also have a great network and an ability to bring people together.

Some of the specific benefits I’ve got include that I now have plans and I am held accountable. We also identify outcomes that could be possible that I thought never would be possible, or have never thought of them.

During a team building 4-hour team building workshop with Martin and Andreas we had 6 us present, 4 foremen, 1 project manager and myself. It really brought us together as a team and as a business as a whole. 2 of my foremen had never done anything like this before. They were blown away by it. Most of my team of 22 think this is the best business they have worked for, ever. The culture that we have developed is a tribute to the work we have done and continue to do with Andreas and Martin.

I recommend their service because they come up with ideas and strategies that you would never think of on your own, then help you implement them.”

Grant Midgley, Director
Chamlang Ltd.

rentrightlogo“What I like most about Andreas’ Business Coaching Program is that I look forward to our weekly meetings as I always leave with a diamond.

Some of the specific benefits I’ve got from being a client of Andreas’ Business Coaching include that I am starting to have better control over my time and learning to delegate lower value jobs.

The benefit of involving the team during a team-building workshop with Andreas is one of the better decision we have made. We have a much better picture and clarity of our business goals and the team is on board to achieving them.

I recommend the services of Andreas’ Business Coaching because Andreas has the knowledge and is able to pass this on and that’s the difference.”

David Hopkins, Director
Rent Right Property Management Ltd


“Over the past couple of years, both Anna and I have been accessing the talent of a couple of awesome business coaches who specialise in coaching business owners with a focus on those in the building industry. We have found them to be of huge benefit in both our personal and business relationship development.

Martin Jimmink and Andreas Becker are their names. Trust me, these guys are worth talking to and this could be a good opportunity for you.”

Jennian Homes Canterbury (2012) Ltd

ZealandTattoo Logo“I highly recommend the Business Coaching Services of Andreas Becker. I came to Andreas 5 years ago when I was working harder than ever and felt like I was a Prisoner to my Business! I didn’t really know if Andreas could help me but I definitely knew I needed help to break through to the next level in both my Business and Personal life.

Andreas was a very key contributor to my following success where I have been able to staff out my Business properly and have it run autonomously while I begin to enjoy the fruits of my labour! I am enjoying increased profits where I am opening a second Store (Studio); I’m enjoying international travel and have gained personal growth within myself as an individual.

Andreas is a very clever Businessman, Marketer and Entrepreneur  who helped me see the big picture and has also connected me with some key referrals – top Professionals and Technical people; who have added tremendous value to my Business over our 5 year relationship.

I have no hesitation in endorsing Andreas as a Coach and Adviser and recommend that you secure his services promptly so that you too experience the turnaround in your Business, your finances and your thinking – that I have been so richly rewarded with!”

Sincere regards
Zane Swanston , Director
Zealand Tattoo, New Zealand

BCC Logo“Before working with Andreas, we knew our business had potential, but we didn’t know how to progress. We felt stressed and worried about how to work together and achieve success.

Andreas has given us the confidence and knowledge we needed to build a great business. With his coaching, we communicate and understand each other better and feel less stressed out.

One of Andreas’s many strengths is his ability to help us develop and implement systems. He has coached us to take things step by step towards achieving real and measurable progress.

We are now thinking more practically and keeping ourselves accountable to the goals we have set for ourselves.

Andreas has improved not only our work life, but also our lives outside of the business. His positive outlook on life rubs off.

Working with Andreas has been our best business decision to date! We now feel more positive and excited about the future and we’re working together toward clear, shared goals.

Thanks to Andreas, we are now confident and enjoying our work much more than ever.”

Blair and Kate Cunningham
Blair Cunningham Construction Ltd.

delta stike “We contacted Andreas to help us create an automated marketing system for our business, Delta Strike.

Under Andreas’ guidance, we have transformed our marketing systems and this in turn has transformed the number of sales enquiries we get – there has been a massive increase.

Since then we continue to meet with Andreas on a monthly basis to help direct us in both our marketing strategies as well as our business strategies.

After every meeting we are always congratulating ourselves for investing in his experience and guidance – the cost is by far out-weighed by the financial benefits we gain. Thanks again Andreas – looking forward to our next meeting.”

Doug Willems, Managing Director
Delta Strike