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Fantastic! You have taken the 1st step to owning a business where you maximise your profits and create the life of your dreams. Sounds like mission impossible? I remember when I began my journey as an entrepreneur not so long ago. There were so many questions, so many frustrations and eventually massive breakthroughs and awesome results. Has the time come for you to create a business that you enjoy working in as well as on the business and to have the financial freedom and the lifestyle you desire?

Most business owners are frustrated with themselves and their businesses and they do not realise that it does not have to be that way. There is so much pressure and so many pitfalls.

I learnt through my own hard knocks that just letting things happen is not the best way to go. Making the decision to work with a seasoned coach got my businesses to be successful!  And, it was worth every cent!

After leaving the corporate world as a senior marketing executive I soon realized I knew nothing about marketing and local business. Investing in an experienced coach made all the difference in the world for my business.

Now, I invite you (and your partner) to have a conversation with me, to learn what it can be like to have a growing and profitable business.

Grab the Opportunity

How would it feel to have all the money you need – and then some – to spend on your family and your future? To have a team that can work without you and love working for you?

You can have it all now… not months down the road, but right now. We all know that life is short. This is an opportunity to create a great relationship with your partner and see your business grow quickly.

Below you will find information about my services and coaching programs – I look forward to working with you.

To your success,

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Here are some benefits of working with me:

  • A co-operative, committed team that is on your side
  • Time and money to do the things you love outside of the business
  • Confidence to take your business to the next level – and beyond
  • Recognition and accolades for a successful, growing business
  • Finally feeling you are in control of your business – and the lifestyle it supports
  • Setting new goals you only dreamed of in the past

I am currently offering the following programs:

[collapseibt id=”collapse_1″ title=”Success Jumpstart – click to see more”] This is a 90 minute intensive session where we evaluate your business, your strengths, challenges, goals and what you want ultimately for your business.

At the end of this session you will have clear goals, strategies and plenty of confidence in your business and yourself.
[/collapseibt] [collapseibt id=”collapse_2″ title=”Success VIP Day – click to see more”] This is a 5 hour program where you will learn powerful principles that will help you create a successful business and personal life. We also create a strategy and plan of action to utilize your strengths where the business needs you, so you work in the business more efficiently and effectively. You will have lots of “aha” moments and a new excitement for life.

At the end of the program you can expect to have clarity, see the path and exactly how it’s going to work. You now know what is needed to move your business forward.
[/collapseibt] [collapseibt id=”collapse_3″ title=”Success Master Platinum Program – click to see more”] This is a personal coaching program where we implement your new knowledge and business strategies over time, overcoming any new, or unexpected obstacles that come up, internal or external, and re-strategize as needed. I will work closely with you to help you implement and be successful. Together, we’ll make sure you maintain and increase the success you’ve achieved.

You’ll quickly realize plenty of money in the bank, stress-free time for family, personal life and relationships, a more satisfying relationship with your partner, a business that’s more self-sufficient and growing and a team that continues to contribute substantially to the well-being of the business.
[/collapseibt] [collapseibt id=”collapse_4″ title=”Team Success Workshop – click to see more”] I work directly with your team in a workshop environment to help get them on the same page and to be more efficient and effective. I’ll help you screen out team members who need to move on, and then work with you to find new team members who are a fit if appropriate.

You’ll immediately feel a greater sense of being in control, pride in your team, and enjoy a business that works more smoothly because the whole team is on board.
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Business coach Andreas Becker specializes in working with couples who are in business together. He helps them build passion for their work, maximize profits and create the life of their dreams.

Andreas teaches clients to:

  • Do only the things they are really good at and love doing
  • Create passive income for their future
  • Become financially free
  • Create clear goals and a simple action plan
  • Have more fun!

Andreas has coached 117+ businesses in New Zealand and abroad. He was an owner / director of the awesome Internet Marketing company, OnPage1 Media. His hands-on entrepreneurial experience includes being an active property investor as well as buying, building and selling a number of successful businesses.

Trained with a leading business coaching organization, Andreas has consistently achieved top 10% performance.

He also holds the following qualifications:

  • Diploma in Electrical Engineering
  • Registered Business Mentor with Business Mentors New Zealand
  • Certified Professional Internet Marketer
  • NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming) Practitioner

Andreas and his family have lived in Christchurch, New Zealand, for over 25 years and they are proud New Zealanders.


For more information, or to request an application for any of my programs, please book a strategy session. I will get back to you personally.

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